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[MCPE] [0.11.x, 0.12.x] 416783464: LAVA ISLAND SEED

In this “Lava Island seed”, the spawn is on one of the smaller islands which is scattered around the main island which is much larger. It’s on the main island in the center which you will find the pool of lava too. Seed: 416783464 Screens:

[MCPE] [0.11.x, 0.12.x] 3032803: Small Mountain Village seed

In this “Small Mountain Village seed”, the spawn is on the side of a quite tall hill in front of a little village. The village has partly been generated on top of the hill and about half of the village is generated at the base of the hill. Seed: 3032803 Items in blacksmith’s chest: – […]

[MCPE] [0.11.x, 0.12.x] -949493: Two Villages Seed

In this “Two Villages seed”, the spawn is in front of the first village very close to the blacksmith. The first village is the most interesting one and not only because of the blacksmith. Seed: -949493 Items in blacksmith’s chest: – 2 gold ingots. – 1 iron chestplate. – 1 bread. – 2 sap. Two […]

Cool Minecraft Seeds with Lots of Resource Nodes

Cool minecraft seeds that generate a world filled with resource nodes are heaven for most players who aim to craft tons of different items to make the game more fun. A map filled with ores can make the game a lot easier to play as you get to easily mine resources and craft equipment as […]

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